Pre-radiohead brisbane pose. #radiohead #pose #selfie #brisbane (at Room 210 )

STILL one of my favourite albums. Hasn’t left the rotation since date of purchase! (at The Dead Weather - Horehound)

Between 1970 and 1988 Australia underwent a process called Metrification. Metrification involved changing from the imperial system of measurements based on inches and feet to the more modern approach of millimetres, centimetres and metre.

Between 2010 and 2012 Metric underwent a process I like to call “Garage-ification”. Garage-ification involves losing the overpolished aspects of Metrics 2010 album”Fantasies” (which I personally thought was brilliant) and replacing it with grunge and garage rock aspects whilst adding more synth and simplifying most drum beats. 

"Synthetica" is Metrics long awaited sophomore album, and as far as follow-ups go, this really isnt too bad.

Certain bands who surfaced at roughly the same time as metric did on the international circuit have yet to put out further albums, most likely due to the immense pressure of succeeding so early in their music careers. It seems to me though that Metric have embraced the challenge and released an album similar enough to their first album to still sound like Metric, yet has enough new aspects to keep the listener satisfied.

Same metric taste, brand new packaging. 

For some reason this album reminds me a lot of other artists. I hear a strong early muse influence, yet at other times I feel like I’m listening to Justice, Klaxons, or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

You know how Bob Dylans songwriting is strong enough to cover his lack of vocal ability? Not that I’m comparing the two artists, but the majority of this album is strong enough to cover its shortcomings. Not all of the songs are great, some arent even good (see "Lost Kitten") but overall this album succeeds in my eyes.

Perfect Time: I get 8pm festival vibes. 
Perfect For: Pretty much anyone. I can’t see an audience this wouldn’t appeal to, so long as they use material from their first album in the set.

I’m faaaaalling.

The first acts of the falls festival were just announced. Falls festival is held at Lorne and Marion bay of new years eve every year and has featured the likes of the kooks, the yeah yeah yeahs and the arctic monkeys as headliners in recent history.

Keep in mind there will be a second (and maybe third) lineup announcement later.

The first lineup for the 2012-13 falls festival:

Beach House
Best Coast
Boy & Bear
The Vaccines
The Flaming Lips

Looking good so far! (also reminds me of the latest St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival bill)

These acts will also feature in Brisbanes “Southbound” festival in early January.

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